Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 24 - 04 - 10

This week Nathan and Sean run over their final thoughts on Splinter Cell Conviction. Along with that Sean plays a bit more Deadly Premonition and Nathan finishes Batman Arkham Asylum again.

On the news side sees an extensive discussion about Left 4 Dead 2's new piece of downloadable content The Passing. We talk about it's launch, some story related elements and whether or not we are planning to go through it. This moves to a discussion about Capcom's Captivate 2010 event. Announcements like Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Co-op in Dead Rising 2 and Ghost Trick are brought up. We finish off with a discussion about Japan's 3D Hidden Picture game coming to the states.

Top Down Perspective 17 - 04 - 10

Jon returns and Dustin guest stars again for some in-depth discussion on Splinter Cell Conviction. Professor Layton is discussed along with Nathan's moments with the original Xbox. And Jon talks about Henry Hatsworth.

The Tester isn't talked about but the original Xbox's shut down is discussed. We also go over March's sales figures while Sean groans and the fifth generation of Pokemon - Pokemon Black & White - is announced.

Top Down Perspective 10 - 04 - 10

This week Nathan and Sean run through their feelings of Just Cause 2's end game. From there Nathan talks far too much about some of the iPhone games he's been playing and Sean talks about his time with College Hoops 2K6.

We then move into our opinions of the Tester's season finale and how we feel about who won and how it went down. On the news side sees a discussion about in-game advertising in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and our thoughts on collector's editions. Next we talk about the Professor Layton movie coming state side and how Deadly Premonition is doing since it's launch.

Top Down Perspective 04 - 04 - 10

We kick things off with sharing our feelings of Jon's disinterest in Uncharted 2 and his time with Microsoft's Game Room. Nathan discusses his incredibly long play with with Just Cause 2 while Sean admits he may have been wrong about the game. Pokemon is once again brought up along with Sean, Nathan and (special guest) Dustin's opinions of Blue Toad Murder Files.

The seventh episode of the Tester is discussed along with Microsoft's choice in not releasing more games for Game Room until late April. We also share our feelings of the gameplay and controls revealed for Metroid Other M. Finally, the Grand Theft Auto Hot Coffee checks are being sent out and this brings forth the question of the week:

If you were mailed $5 from Rockstar Games due to San Andreas's Hot Coffee incident, what would you do with the check?

Email in your answer at and it may be read on the air.

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