Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 24 - 05 - 10

Sean and Nathan bring up their opinions of Alan Wake and the idea of a spoilercast is mentioned. Sean continues to talk about Red Dead Redemption and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Jon then discusses his time with Super Mario Galaxy 2.

J Allard leaves Microsoft and Rockstar announces its opinion on parents buying M rated - and their own personal - games. Blizzard decides to censor the Korean version of StarCraft 2 and Capcom no longer wishes to use its western developers for sequels. To wrap things up we share our opinions on EA's ten dollar idea.

Top Down Perspective 16 - 05 - 10

This week Sean brings up his opinion of Skate 3 and the gang discusses the series as a whole. Nathan and Sean share their feelings about Lost Planet 2 while Jon continues to play the oldest games ever.

On the news side, South Korea is beginning to implement 3D enabled Xbox 360's along with LG's new line of 3D televisions. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is announced and we share the information we know and how we feel towards it. The final Halo 2 player goes offline and Project Natal schedules an interesting event for it's world premiere at E3. And last, Steam is launched on the Mac and Call of Duty: Black Ops is set to have four player co-op.

Top Down Perspective 09 - 05 - 10

Jon is back and discussing the list of old GameBoy games he's playing and Picross 3D. Also, he talks about his time on The Speed Gamer's Mother marathon and our opinions on Super Street Fighter 4. Nathan and Sean discuss more about the Halo: Reach beta as well as the last three episodes of the Blue Toad Murder Files.

Star Craft 2 has a release date. God of War: Ghost of Sparta is announced so we discuss our opinons on God of War and its experience on the PSP. On a sad note, Capcom takes a loss of 73%.

We're now streaming live video sessions of the podcast's set up. Check back on any of our Twitter accounts or the site for updates and announcements of when we will be streaming.

Top Down Perspective 01 - 05 - 10

It's the thirteen episode and we're talking about dentistry! Along with that, Sean brings up some more of his time with Deadly Premonition and Final Fantasy XIII. Nathan talks about some of his backtracking in Dead Rising and  they both go over the soon-to-be-released Halo:Reach beta.

On the news side we run down Bungie's new 10 year contract with Activision and the remake for Tales of Monkey Island 2 gets commentary tracks. Mike and Jerry of Penny Arcade fame get into Time magazine's top 100 list. Call of Duty Black Ops is announced we run over our thoughts on the Famitsu - Konami - Kotaku event in relation to reviewing games.

Nathan also sends out the word, we want you to start replying to our emails as well. If you hear us discussing an email that you have an opinion on or just want to comment, send it in and we'll read it on the air.

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