Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 20 - 06 - 10

E3 is this week so we skip right to the news. We run over what was revealed at the Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony press conferences, along with brief mentions on EA and Ubisoft's. Microsoft shows off a ton of Kinect games and reveals its new model for the 360. Nintendo shows off several new games from old IPs and unveils the 3DS. Sony shows off more of how Move is coming along as well as a ton of 3D enabled games.

Top Down Perspective 13 - 06 - 10

This week we start off with Jon's time with more of Conker on the GameBoy as well as several of the original Mega Mans. Nathan and Sean bring up their time with Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Nathan discusses some Red Dead Redemption. Sean finishes up with some Lego Rockband and Record of Argarest Wars.

Rock Band 3 is announced and its new controllers are detailed and priced. Microsoft reveals Project Natal's real name and the new 360 model is leaked. We finish up with talking about DJ Hero 2.

Top Down Perspective 06 - 06 - 10

This week Jon brings up one of the original Conkers games for the GameBoy and he and Nathan discuss more of their time with Super Mario Galaxy 2. Sean talks a bit more on Blur and brings forth a discussion on Modnation Racers. We finish off the games with Nathan talking about Red Dead Redemption.

On the news side, inFamous 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock are announced. More news of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is revealed and Level 5 chooses to begin publishing their games themselves. The FTC wants to add a 5% tax on consumer electronics and Hulu is rumored to be coming to the Xbox 360.

Top Down Perspective 29 - 05 - 10

The gang kicks off this week with a discussion on Mario Galaxy 2 and moves into Bit. Trip Runner. We then move into Blur and Nathan brings up his time with Red Dead Redemption so far.

On the news side we get into Rock Band 3's rumored keyboard controller. Microsoft plans to announce Project Natal's real name at E3, a Mass Effect movie comes to light and Insomniac chooses to go multiplatform with their next IP.

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