Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 30 - 08 - 10

This week Nathan starts us off with some talk on older PC games and moves into the XBLA version of Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Sean picks up from there and rolls into some Shank and Monopoly. Jon finishes off with more Scott Pilgrim.

On the news side, Microsoft strictly watching Halo: Reach pirates and is sending out beta testing kits for its new Kinect peripheral. Sony slows down sales on the new modding chip and chooses not to release the new Kingdom Hearts game on their PSP Go. Death Spank gets an incredibly early sequel and the new Xbox 360 Dashboard and Avatars are leaked.

Top Down Perspective 23 - 08 - 10

Nathan starts us off with some Fallout 3 and moves into Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Sean also shares his time with K&L2 along with X-Men Origins Wolverine, Bioshock 2 and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Jon wraps us up with Adventure Island, more of his usual old games and one very obscure Mario game at the end.

Gamescon is going on this week in Germany and we get news such as Mortal Kombat getting real time updates when launched, Microsoft announcing Flight and Mass Effect 2 heading to PS3s. THQ bumps up their online play to $10 and begins development on a tablet peripheral on the Wii, Microsoft also announces a list of games coming to Windows Mobile 7.

Top Down Perspective 16 - 08 - 10

Once again we have Dustin here to fill in a fourth chair. He talks about his time with Star Craft 2. Nathan gets into detail about Wet, Peggle, Fallout 3 and a bit much on Spy Fiction. Jon talks Ducktales and Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game. And Sean wraps up with more Singularity and Split/Second.

Duke Nukem Forever might not be dead as well as the outcome of the Penny Arcade game series as discussed this week. Warren Spectre talks a new Ducktales game and Irrational Games announces Bioshock Infinite along with revealing a trailer for the game. Insane EVE Online hijinks go down, a Castle Crashers arcade cabinet will be at PAX, RAGE gets a release date and more are discussed in this week's TDP!

Top Down Perspective 09 - 08 - 10

Due to technical difficulties, we ended up losing the last ten minutes of the podcast.

This week we bring on a special guest and get in some brief talk on Starcraft 2. Nathan and Sean talk a bit more about The Signal as well as get into depth on Singularity. Jon finishes us up with some Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

Pokemon Black and White will have exclusively new pokemon until you beat the game. NHL 11 releases a TON of DLC before the game is out. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's multiplayer demo can only be obtained by preordering it through GameStop and much more is discussed this week!

Top Down Perspective 03 - 08 - 10

Nathan kicks us off with some of his Limbo wrap up, The Club and the Kane & Lynch 2 demo. He and Sean also discuss their opinions on Clash of the Titans and Alan Wake's first piece of DLC: The Signal. Sean also brings up some of the Darkness and more on Wanted: Weapons of Fate. Jon wraps us up with Klonoa 2 and Dragon Quest 9.

When it comes to news we talk about punishing people in Halo: Reach, Sony Lifestyle and just how excited we are about The Tester season 2. Valve decides to help out other developers and Kick-Ass is now out on DVD/BD so go buy it!

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