Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 31 - 01 - 11

This week Nathan discusses his issues with Dead Space 2 and more on Miner Dig Deep, Jon finishes up Dead to Rights Retribution and Sean continues with Rock Band 3 and starts his Mass Effect 1 playthrough. On the news end we're looking at a ton of information on the recently announce PlayStation NGP and some cloud saving support for the PS3.

Top Down Perspective 24 - 01 - 11

This week the guys are play Halo: Reach, Rock Band 3, Mass Effect 2 (also reading the books) and Jon is playing some old GBA games that I can't remember. On the news side we have the Duke Nukem Forever release date, the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and a ton of 3DS (launch)news. All that and more on this week's Top Down Perspective.

Top Down Perspective 17 - 01 - 11

Jon is away at Magfast so Nathan and Sean are left to run the show. Sean finishes Super Meat Boy along with testing out some iOS Rock Band games and Nathan started up Mass Effect 2 again in anticipation for....Mass Effect 2. Pac-Man reality shows are announced, Mortal Kombat webisodes are in production, more PSP2 rumors come forth and more are discussed on this weeks TDP.

Top Down Perspective - GOTY Edition

Our Game of the Year episode is now here. The three of us run through our own personal lists of the ten best games we think came out in 2010 and discuss why they belong here.

Top Down Perspective 03 - 01 - 11

TDP rings in the new year by wrapping up some last minute games from 2010. We discuss Kirby's Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Digital: A Love Story, Shaun White's Skateboarding, Amnesia and more. You can also expect the exciting conclusion to The Tester season 2, Tron cats and a whole lot more as we get ready for next week's Game of the Year show!

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