Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 28 - 03 - 11

This week Sean and Jon are Nathanless but we both have brand new, shiny 3DS's to talk about. Jon is playing Super Street Fighter 4 3D and Bust a Move 3D while Sean is still playing Pokemon Black. Also, Sean brings up his time with IOS game Tiny Wings and talks briefly about Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. Jon starts playing more old GameBoy games such as Duke Nukem and Mega Man Extreme.

As for news: Duke Nukem gets ANOTHER delay, Metacritic starts ranking Game Developers and Nintendo details some of its ideas for 3DS firmware updates.

Top Down Perspective - Pax East 2011 Edition

This week Jon returns to tell us all about his time at the Penny Arcade Expo East Edition. He runs through the 3DS games he checked out and the stuff he did down in Boston. Sean and Nathan on the other hand stayed put and played some Plants Vs Zombies, Hobo with a Shotgun and some other old releases.

On the news side, Stacking and Mass Effect 2 are getting their first and last respectively pieces of DLC. EA Sports decides to join Ubisoft is no longer putting out manuals in their game boxes. And Metacritic starts ranking IOS games.

TDP Diet! 14 - 03 - 11

This week we're putting out a short (Diet) episode do to all of our schedules conflicting at the moment. As for the games, Nathan got into Tron: Evolution, some more Burnout Paradise, finally slowed down on DS games and finished with some Def Jam Rapstar. Sean on the other hand played a ton more Pokemon Black and started his way through Dead Space 2. Jon is in Boston for PAX East and will return to us next weekend.

As for news, the developers behind Runescape are working on a Transformers MMO. Wii Dare Watch 2011 continues and Xbox starts up Xbox Live Labs.

Top Down Perspective 07 - 03 - 11

This week Jon runs through some Bulletstorm, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Hard Corps: Uprising. Nathan goes through some more Ace Attorney and tried out indie game: Impossible Game. Sean wraps up our games with the new Pokemon Black.

As for news, we run through some of the stories to come out of this year's GDC. A new Super Mario is announced for the 3DS along with some more news from Nintendo. We Dare gets a rating for it's European release, Sony tries to bring the PS3 hackers to court and a Devil May Cry movie is in the works.

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