Top Down Perspective

TDP Diet! 29 - 05 - 11

This week all our schedules run tight so we only have time for a short recap. Sean finishes off the Portal 2 campaign and plays a bit more L.A. Noire. Nathan tries out Crysis 2, Fight Night Champion and completes L.A. Noire. We also mention that a L.A. Noire specific episode is on the horizon.

As for the news, a Hulk Hogan Kinect game is announced along with a Phoenix Wright movie. Mortal Kombat DLC is discussed as well as the reveal of the Modern Warfare 3 trailer of last week.

Top Down Perspective 26 - 05 - 11

Nathan and Sean have been playing a ton of L.A. Noire so get ready for that. Also, Sean started Portal 2 co-op and Nathan continues to play Wario's Woods. Jon on the other hand is getting frustrated with Shadow Wars.

The PlayStation network is in a weird place as part of it is down but others are up (briefly). Sony also details the apology program for everyone, Duke Nukem Forever goes gold and L.A. Noire might become a franchise.

Top Down Perspective 17 - 05 - 11

Sean's here and telling us all about his time with last week's new release: Brink. Nathan is playing a ton more Wario's Woods and Jon is still playing MvC3 and started up Outland.

With news: Sony seems to almost have the PlayStation Network back up (and then down again), Soul Calibur 5 is announced, and more is discussed on this week's TDP.

Top Down Perspective 09 - 05 - 11

This week Nathan and Sean have been playing more Mortal Kombat. Nathan also enjoyed quite a bit of Picmin 2 as well as a ton of Wario's Woods. Sean on the other hand started up Portal 2 and tried out Unpleasant Horse. Jon joins in later to talk about Mortal Kombat, Castlevania Legends and Ghost Recon Shadow Wars.

On the news front we have more information regarding the PlayStation Network's down time, Mass Effect 2 being delayed, information on Burnout Crash and Value working only on "single player plus" games from now on.

Top Down Perspective 02 - 05 - 11

We're all here and ready to go this week. Sean starts us off with Outland. As well, everyone here has played some of the new Mortal Kombat. Nathan played through Portal 2 as well as revisited some old GameCube games. Jon didn't play much other than MK but he did have time for some Mole Mania for the GameBoy.

The PlayStation Network is still down and your credit card information might be at risk! No Halo themed armor in Gears of War 3, information on the first Portal 2 DLC is revealed and the next Assassin's Creed game might be getting announced soon. All that and more on this week's TDP!

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