Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 26 - 09 - 11

Gears of War 3 is out and we spend quite a bit of time talking about that. In addition, Nathan has been spending many hours with his new love: Dead Island and Sean and has some choice words about Burnout Crash.

As for news: you'll hear about the recently announced Michael Phelps game, how Sony isn't going to let you sue them, a series of Uncharted comic books and a novel and a whole bunch more.

A big thanks to "scinoid pro" for this weeks episode art!

Top Down Perspective 19 - 09 - 11

On this week's show Jon is playing Mega Man Soccer as well as a bunch of Battletoads. Sean is playing more Age of Empires Online as well as the new Driver: San Fransisco. Nathan is trying out some more iOS games as well as searching the city for Dead Island.

As for news, the 2011 Tokyo Game show happen so we're talking about all the 3DS and PlayStation Vita's future. All that and some information on Shadow Complex 2.

Top Down Perspective 12 - 09 - 11

This week Jon is collecting games from sales all over town while Sean spends all his waking minutes on Age of Empires Online. Nathan is playing some of that too along with Tiny Tower.

As for news, we're talking about The Last Guardian's absence from this year's upcoming Tokyo Game Show, Max Payne 3 still existing and Nintendo's newly announced second analog stick peripheral for the 3DS.

Top Down Perspective - Pax Prime 2011 Edition

This week we're all back from our various trips and we're talking about Jon's time at Pax Prime 2011. Firefall, the Pax 10, Halofest, and everything else he did. Nathan's been playing Tiny Tower and, along with Sean, some Age of Empires Online. Sean and Jon has also been playing with some of the recently release 3DS Ambassador Program games.

As for news, we're talking about the Uncharted 3 reality TV show, the announcement of the Persona fighting game, and much more.

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