Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 28 - 11 - 11

The games keep rolling in as Nathan and Sean discuss Saints Row the Third and Jon is finishing up Super Mario 3D Land. We also discuss Fruit Ninja Kinect and a bit of Kinect Adventures as well as the first-party Vita launch line-up in Europe and the next 360 dashboard update.

Top Down Perspective 21 - 11 - 11

There are a ton of games out! We're playing a lot of them. This week we're discussing Super Mario 3D Land, Rayman: Origins, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Bit. Trip Saga and much much more. As for news we discuss the rumor of Metal Gear Solid 5, Call of Duty Elite is still down and Sony has released information on their UMD Passport.

Top Down Perspective 08 - 11- 11

Uncharted 3 is here and Nathan and Sean are free to talk all about it. Along with that we're discussing the recently released GTA5 trailer as well as some of the nominees for the Spike TV Video Game Awards and other information you should expect to hear coming out of it.

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