Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 19 - 12 - 11

It's back log time and Sean is playing Dance Central 2, The Gunstringer, some crappy Kinect Fun Labs games, getting angry at Fruit Ninja Kinect and the recent 3DSWare hit: Pushmo. Jon is also playing some Pushmo as well as getting progressively angrier at Mario Kart 7 and Nathan deletes Tiny Tower during the recording!

As for news, there are some Q1 release dates from Nintendo announced, DeadMau5 pretends to lose a Vita and the GBA Ambassador games are launched!

Top Down Perspective 13 - 12 - 11

This week Sean has finished up Rayman Origins. tested out Mirror's Edge iOS and continued, along with Jon, to play Mario Kart 7. Nathan tries some Kinect games and we discuss the 360 and 3DS's latest updates. As for news, we talk about some of the reveals on the Spike TV Video Game Awards, Bastion getting some interesting DLC and Club Nintendo offering some news prizes.

Top Down Perspective 5 - 12 - 11

The year is slowly wrapping up and that means games aren't really coming out anymore. However, we're talking about this week's one big release: Mario Kart 7. Sean also finishes Assassin's Creed Revelations and Saints Row the Third, Jon plays some Cave Story 3D and Nathan has toe shoes! As for news, we discuss Xenoblade coming stateside, Notch stepping down as lead of Minecraft and Obsidian's plans to release a South Park RPG.

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