Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 30 - 01 - 12

We're back with a ton of stuff to talk about! Nathan is playing Cave Story + as well as trying out Star Trek Online; Jon plays some old SNES games I can't remember as well as the majority of Shadows of the Damned and Sean is trying out the XBLA version of Ticket to Ride and the new iOS hit: Puzzle Juice.

As for the news, we're talking about a ton of WiiU stuff as well the recently release Resident Evil 6 trailer, the new Steam mobile app and a ton more.

TDP Diet! 16 - 01 - 12

There's still nothing really going on this week in games but we've been playing stuff. Sean tried out 2010's Fluidity as well as put in some real time with Skyward Sword and Jon is playing Zen Pinball on the 3DS.

Top Down Perspective 10 - 01 - 12

This week is all about playing through the backlog. Sean talks about his time with Lost in Shadow, Kirby's Return to Dreamland and You Don't Know Jack. Jon is playing some SNES games as well as more Mario Kart 7 and Nathan is going through and enjoying Driver: San Francisco.

As for news, the trailer for the third season of the Tester is out (and it's GREAT) and Microsoft announces information on this year's Block Party.

Top Down Perspective - GOTY 2011 Edition

SPOILER WARNING! We spoil a ton of games for people during this. We don't even warn people at some points. So, if we start talking about a game that you don't want to be spoiled in anyway, it's safer to just assume we spoiled it at some point. Otherwise, take your chances. Games we spoil for sure: Ghost Trick, Catherine and Portal 2 (those are off the top of my head).

In this show each of us discuss our personal top ten lists of games that came out in 2011. We also decide on an official TDP Game of the Year, discuss some honorable mentions, share our favorite 2010 games that we played this year and mention some games we want to play more of that may have impacted out top tens if we had more time with them.

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