Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 26 - 02 - 12

Nathan starts off (and continues to bring up) this week's show with more pony talk. Jon is playing some old NES games along with Ratchet and Clank All-for-One. Nathan tries out some Kinect games including Double Fine's Happy Action Theatre and Sean finishes Warp and starts up Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

We continue our coverage of the third season of The Tester and discuss Nintendo recent string of announcements, the new Medal of Honor title and the first piece of Mass Effect 3's controversial DLC.

Top Down Perspective 20 - 02 -12

This week Jon is sick so he sniffles a lot but he talks about Tekken 3D and Twisted Metal. Nathan has some some opinions about the Mass Effect 3 demo and Sean talks about Warp and Rhythm Heaven Fever.

As for news, there isn't really any.

Top Down Perspective 13 - 02 - 12

This week Jon is finishing up some games as well as checking out the recent XBLA port of The Simpsons Arcade, Nathan is playing Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale and Sean is playing Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and revisiting Borderlands.

As for the news, we detail the upcoming Mass Effect 3 iOS apps and talk to great length about some interesting deals going on over at Double Fine.

Top Down Perspective 06 - 01 - 12

The 3DS continues to being the heat as Jon discusses Sakura Samurai and Mutant Mudds. Nathan is trying out Puzzle Juice as well as returning to the PS2 for some Marc Echo's Getting Up and Sean continues through Skyward Sword.

In the news category: the latest Mass Effect novel has some weird stuff going on, as well as BioWare announcing a mobile version of Mass Effect 3 and Capcom releases Ghost Trick on iOS and announces some more mobile games to come.

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