Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 26 - 03 - 12

This week Jon is mysteriously missing but that doesn't stop Sean and Nathan from discussing a little more Mass Effect 3 and the plans for a spoilercast. We also briefly mention Kid Icarus: Uprising, The Hunger Games iOS game and Mario RPG.

As for news: the The Walking Dead game is detailed, information on Bioware and Mass Effect 3's ending is brought up and LittleBigPlanet Karting is announced for some reason.

Top Down Perspective 18 - 03 - 12

This week Sean and Nathan are talking about Mass Effect 3 again as well as the recently released Journey on the PSN. Jon plays through some Kirby's Return to Dreamland.

As for news, a new highly popular Kickstarter has popped up to make a sequel to Wasteland after seeing the success of Double Fine, XBLA games are soon going to be getting a significant gamerscore update, Diablo 3 release dates and news about an ongoing Pokemon event.

Top Down Perspective 12 - 03 - 12

It's Mass Effect 3 week so Sean and Nathan proceed to talk about that for a good chunk of time. Along with this Nathan and Jon have been playing the Home Improvement game as well as Street Fighter X Tekken.

The fifth episode of the Tester is discussed as we get ever closer to the end of this season. As for news, we recap how Double Fine's kickstarter is going, discuss a delay for Counter-Strike GO and talk about Peter Molyneux's decision to leave Lionshead studios.

Top Down Perspective 05 - 03 - 12

Make sure you listen to all of the show this week as there's a special ending on this one made by Nathan.

Jon is playing some Dillon's Rolling Western as well as Twisted Metal with Nathan. Sean finishes up Rhythm Heaven Fever, Halo Anniversary, Alan Wake's American Nightmare and some old launch Kinect Games.

As for news, we got Nintendo's newest employee, information on Assassin's Creed 3 and a launch date for Bioshock Infinite.

We DO NOT own the ending theme, it is not TDP's in anyway. Please don't sue us. Enjoy!

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