Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 24 - 04 - 12

It's a long one this week since we got a million questions sent into us - which is great! Jon's been playing some 3DS downloadable games while Sean tries out more shitty Kinect Fun Labs games, L.A. Noire DLC, Mass Effect 3's new multiplayer DLC and plays through all of Fez. Nathan returns from his road trip which means more WTF.

As for news, Prey 2 is still alive, Nintendo held an event in Japan an announced a number of things, Darksiders 2 gets delayed, Halo 4 gets a release date and a WHOLE BUNCH MORE. YAY!

Top Down Perspective - PAX East 2012 Edition

This week Nathan is off at some music festival but Jon is back from PAX East. He goes over his time at the convention as well as Mario Tennis Open and Dust. Sean plays through Journey again and tries out a small bit of Fez.

As for news, Resident Evil 6 is getting an insane collector's edition and Gamestop's in California have to advertise the loss of bonus content for used games.

Top Down Perspective 09 - 04 - 12

This week Jon is away at PAX East so it is up to Nathan and Sean to hold down the fort. Sean finishes up Kid Icarus: Uprising and gives his final thoughts on the game while Nathan continues to attempt artistry with Draw Something.

The season three finale of the Tester aired last week so we finish up our coverage of that...until next year hopefully.

As for the news we discuss Harmonix's recently announced Rock Band Blitz as well as the third Penny Arcade game's future and the cancellation of Gears of War Exile.

TDP Spoilin’ Games: Mass Effect 3


We rip this game apart and ruin almost every plot point we can think of, if you're playing or plan to ever play Mass Effect 3 and don't want the story spoiled for you then do not listen to this episode.

As for the content. Sean, Nathan and Game Guiders' and Media Monks co-host Paul Fleck gather to discuss all things Mass Effect 3. We talk about how we played, what we chose, who we let live and die and, of course, our feelings on the endings.

Top Down Perspective 02 - 04 - 12

We found Jon so we're all accounted for! Jon is finishing Return to Dreamland and playing (incorrectly) Kid Icarus: Uprising, while Sean is also playing it (correctly). Nathan played the new hotness: Draw Something. As for news, the CEO of OMGPOP went kind of crazy, Fez gets a release date and Obsidian pitches in to help with Wasteland 2.

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