Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 29 - 05 - 12

This week Nathan continues with Animal Crossing as well as returning to another GCN classic: Metroid Prime. Jon continues with Mario Tennis Open and Sean finishes The Darkness 2, Iron Brigade and plays some Happy Action Theater.

In the news section we discuss the further developments of 38 Studios, Ron Gilbert's new Double Fine game and Nathan mentions something about a pony documentary.

Top Down Perspective 22 - 05 - 12

This week Nathan has been fully absorbed in Animal Crossing for the GameCube, but finds time to play through Max Payne 3. Jon is trying out Mario Tennis Open and Sean finishes Skyward Sword, The Darkness, ends his time with Super Mario 3D Land and starts up The Darkness 2.

As for news, more games continue to get pushed into 2013, the Devil May Cry reboot gets a release date, Bungie's next game gets somewhat detailed and 38 Studios gets into some serious financial trouble.

Top Down Perspective 15 - 05 - 12

It's the launch night of Max Payne 3 and Diablo 3 and we're all here, indoors, to talk about it. Over the last week Sean finished Asura's Wrath along with its first piece of DLC and started up Skyward Sword again; Jon played more Kid Icarus as well as some older games which I can't really remember the names of. One is Bee 52 (sp?). Nathan tried out a My Little Pony and Ace Attorney cross over game and started a new town in the original Animal Crossing.

As for news, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite have been delayed, Microsoft is testing out an Xbox 360 subscription service in the states and Nathan checks into the first bit of the Double Fine Adventure Game documentary.

Top Down Perspective 07 - 05 - 12

After a week of post-convention illness and work woes, we are back with another helping of video-game-related anecdotes and news. Kicking it off, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was last week, so Sean, Jon and Nathan summarize their highlights from Western Canada’s BIGGEST nerd-friendly expo (so…many…bronies). Then they go over the pros and cons of “Indie Game: The Movie” before it is revealed that Nathan has a great dislike of Space Viking Wizards and, by proxy, the films in which they are prominently featured.

Then it’s on to games, including the indie darlings Fez (oft-discussed but still beloved) and Lone Survivor, along with the first episode of the excellent (thus far) “Walking Dead” series. Jon finally finished Kid Icarus Uprising alongside some of that hot new title Mario Kart 7. Sean polished of Suda 51’s critical hit Shadows of the Damned (ahem…boners) and then spent some time with Asura in an effort to sort out his rage issues. More on that situation as it develops.

On the news front, Sony decided it liked Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series so much they wanted to make a tribute to it using their characters, so we speculate about who should and shouldn’t be included (bit late to that party I know but it is a conversation that had to be…had). Some whispers of eagerly anticipated sequels are in the air, but that is all tempered by some odd decisions the majors are making in regards to E3. First off, no price will be announced for the Wii-U. Second, Valve we be in attendance but…who knows why as they don’t wish to announce anything. At all. Not even the hotly anticipated Richochet 2. Oh yes, and you know those Call of Duty games? They are going to make another one this year and it is scheduled to come out in November. There’s a twist with this one though. ROBOTS! So Nathan is all the way onboard.

All that and another pile of your questions on this week’s episode of, the Top Down Perspective.

- As summarized by Nathaniel Rohr

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