Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 25 - 06 - 12

Jon's computer crashes so we get a big issue with the audio (and the ending) this week. So please keep that in mind as this episode is basically being held together with duct tape.

This week Sean gushes over Pokemon Conquest, and explains why you probably wont want to play Brave. Nathan is WAY deep into Skyrim and I'm really surprised he even stopped to record this episode and Jon plays a bit more Lollipop Chainsaw as well as Mighty Switch Force and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

As for the news, we discuss last week's Nintendo Direct conference along with the announcement of the 3DS XL. We also talk about Saint's Row's next game, Okami HD, Far Cry 3's delay and much, much more!

Top Down Perspective 19 - 06 - 12

Everything E3 is now over and we've settled back into things. Sean is trying out Max Payne 3 and finishing the last bit of Mario Kart 7, Nathan is playing more Jetpack Joyride as well as finally jumping into Skyrim and Jon is playing some downloadable 3DS game and Lollipop Chainsaw.

As for the small bit of news: Draw Something is being turned into a game show and a brief WiiU price sighting takes place.

Top Down Perspective - E3 2012 Edition

The group (Nathan and Jon) are back from L.A. and the 2012 E3 event with a ton to talk about. We run through the various press conferences that were showed last week as well as discuss many of games that the guys played on the show floor.

Top Down Perspective 04 - 06 - 12

It's the day before E3 (June 3rd) so we don't talk about anything that was in the conferences. Keep that in mind when wondering why we aren't going over that stuff.

It's the weekend before everything starts and Nathan and Sean are here with what they played, the news already coming out from E3 and what they want to see announced, shown and whatever else at the convention.

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