Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 27 - 07 - 12

This week we're together for an early episode where Jon is talking about his Vita, Sean plays with the old Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing and Nathan is very into his PC and the games he bought on the Steam sale.

As for news, Microsoft is already allowing people to beta test the next 360 dashboard update, The Walking Dead comes to iOS and Microsoft Vancouver has been shut down.

Top Down Perspective 23 - 07 - 12

This week Nathan and Jon go over the games they played on a recent live stream, including Spelunky and other games I don't remember. Nathan has jumped head first into the PC version of Skyrim, Cave Story+ and reveals all the Steam sale games he's purchased. Sean is playing with his Vita for the first time after having purchased Lumines Electronic Symphony, he also plays PS3 exclusive Dyad and, probably the best Kinect Fun Labs game so far, Mars Rover Landing.

News is real short with a release date and price for Rock Band Blitz as well as some information on an exclusive Ouya game from Robert Bowling.

Top Down Perspective 16 - 07 - 12

This week we talk for a reeeeally long time about what we've been playing so we, unfortunately, have to skip over the emails section.

Jon has been playing around with his new Vita while Nathan realises that there are more games in the world other than Skyrim. Sean tried out Microsoft's new Kinect PlayFit app, Tiny Wings version 2.0 and spent more time with Alice Madness Returns.

As for the news, the Ouya has been announced and kickstarted, the next Batman game from Rocksteady gets revealed, Fart Cat! is soon to be released, Sony's version of the Xbox Summer of Arcade is detailed and much much more.

Top Down Perspective 07 - 07 - 12

This week Nathan is off being social, like a loser so Jon and Sean are left to pick up the slack. Jon started and is way into Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and Sean starts American Mcgee's Alice and the follow-up: Alice Madness Returns.

As for news, the 3DS has two new colors in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Final Fantasy 7 is being released on Steam, Activision is putting out a first-person shooter Walking Dead game and Call of Duty Online becomes a real thing.

Top Down Perspective 03 - 07 - 12

This week Nathan is playing more Skyrim (of course) as well as some older XBLA games. Sean checks out the new Mass Effect 3 ending, finishes Max Payne 3 and plays through The Walking Dead episode 2. Jon starts his time with 999.

As for news, most of Radical Entertainment has been laid off, more information on The Cave comes up and we run through the official winners of E3.

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