Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 27 - 09 - 12

Borderlands 2 continues to hold Sean and Jon's attention for the majority of this week while Nathan tries out recent downloadables Hell Ya! and Tokyo Jungle.

As for news: Will Powers (winner of season one of The Tester) gets fired from Sony and has some choice words for them, both Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect are getting trilogy releases, and EA cancels their basketball game again.

Top Down Perspective 20 - 09 - 12

Jon now owns an arcade cabinet after going to a local convention last weekend. Nathan has been playing a lot of FTL, while Sean goes through Mark of the Ninja and (along with Jon) enjoys himself some Borderlands 2. In the news category you'll find information all about the new PS3 model, a ton of stuff going on at Bioware and the new Humble Bundle is available for purchase.

Top Down Perspective 13 - 09 - 12

This week we're finally back to the standard formula and we have a ton of games to talk about. After three weeks we've each got a huge list consisting of Rock Band Blitz, Walking Dead: Episode 3, Papo & Yo, Robocop Vs. the Terminator and much, much more.

In terms of news, the WiiU's press event happened and we discuss everything revealed there as well as our feelings on the system now. We also discuss the future of Professor Layton, Steam's Big Picture and Greenlight modes and, again, a lot more.

Top Down Perspective - PAX Prime 2012 Edition

We're all back from PAX Prime 2012 with tons of stories to tell. Each of us goes through all the games we saw and played at the show as well as the panels we attended or put on. We also talk about the people we met, the events we did around PAX and a lot more!

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