Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 30/11/12

This week Jon has been trying out a good deal of Nintendoland, Scribblenauts Unlimited and continues his time with Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Nathan played some original Warioware as well as Real Lives 2010 while Sean finishes up Pokemon Black 2, Lego Lord of the Rings and talks briefly about Super Hexagon.

In the news section we discuss the Wii Mini, a list of games being introduced to the MoMA and the latest Humble Bundle.

TDP Spoilin’ Games: The Walking Dead


This week Sean joins the Pixel Response to chat with Paul and Nathan (who is also from TDP, in case you didn't know!) to spoil the crap out of Telltell Games's The Walking Dead series. We get into every detail we can possibly think of and go through almost every major decision you can come across throughout the five episodes.

Top Down Perspective - 22/11/12

The WiiU has launched as we've all been playing around with it. We discuss a number of the launch titles and how we feel about the console itself. Jon talks about Paper Mario Sticker Star and Sean and Nathan talk Walking Dead episode five.

Double Fine is opening up more of their development strategies to the public with Amnesia Fortnight. We also talk about Nintendo TVii being delayed, Microsoft Karaoke, a new Uncharted game and more rumors about Mirror's Edge 2.

Top Down Perspective 14/11/12

Busy making videos Jon is so it's a two man show this week. Sean played through Avengers: Battle for Earth as well as about half of Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. Nathan went back for some Super Mario Galaxy as well as Frog Fractions. In the news centre you'll hear us talking about Dennis Dyack, PlayStation Plus coming to Vita, Tom Hardy's acting career and Walking Dead Episode five!

Top Down Perspective 08/11/12

It's Jon's birthday so make sure to wish him a good day! He's been playing Scott Pilgrim and Blur while Sean finally starts up Pokemon Black 2 and goes through Halo 4. Nathan has been spending a lot of time with the new iOS My Little Pony game.

As for news, a collected Assassin's Creed package has shown up online, GTA 5 information is starting to come out, Microsoft has a crappy new reward incentive and there are a couple new pay-what-you-want indie bundles going on right now.

Top Down Perspective 02/11/12

Sean is back on his old crappy computer so we apologize for his audio issues. He's been playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the fourth episode of The Walking Dead as well as Frobisher Says! Jon can't talk about anything he played except for Castlevania 3 and Nathan has been playing more Hotline Miami as well as Punch Quest.

News is short but we discuss the Mass Effect 3 trilogy details, a new Jongest Journey and some news about Nintendo's WiiU digital service.

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