Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 28/12/12

For our final episode of the year we are unfortunately one man short. But while Jon is away Nathan and Sean discuss Cart Life, Sin Episodes, Binary Domain, Rayman Jungle Run and some more Hotline Miami.

News is incredibly small but includes more info on the War Z issues, Xbox 360 achievements showing up on an iOS game and a new Final Fantasy 13 game has been announced.

Top Down Perspective 20/12/12

This might be our last episode before the new year but we're still playing games and needing to talk about them. Jon continues with PlayStation All Stars as well as checks our Journey. Nathan is playing quite a few older games and begins to really sink his teeth into ZombiU while Sean starts up Assassin's Creed 3, and plays around with Wreckateer and Kinect Party.

News is light but we discuss what is going on with THQ as well as issues surrounding DayZ, new two indie game bundles are available now and Nintendo TVii launches.

Top Down Perspective 13/12/12

This week we're finally starting to go through some of our backlogs. Sean is playing Scribblenauts Unlimited, Spec Ops: The Line and Hotline Miami. Jon is playing Dino City, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and continuing with Paper Mario Sticker Star and Nathan tried out some old SNES games as well as revisited Portal 2. As for news, Nathan checked out the last Nintendo Power issue, Sportsfriends made its Kickstart goal and the VGAs happened last week.

Top Down Perspective 07/12/12

It's just kind of a lazy week right now. Jon and Sean are playing through Paper Mario Sticker Star as well as Skrillex Quest and some more Super Hexagon. Nathan is playing A Virus Named TOM and Little Inferno.

News is short but we discuss the various leaked images of the final Nintendo Power, Bioshock Infinite getting delayed and Europe's bizarre M-rated WiiU games rules.

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