Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective - PAX East 2013 Edition

Jon returns from PAX East to tell us about his time there, the games he played, and the fun he got up to. Sean talks about The Cave and Gears of War Judgement while Nathan discusses Papers, Please.

We also bring up the announcement of MGSV, Ducktales and the XCOM being ported to iOS.

Top Down Perspective 20/03/13

Nathan is away sick but Sean grabs hold of Jon for a bit before he heads off to PAX East. Jon plays through all of Lords of Shadow this week as well as gives us an idea of what he'll be playing on his plane rides to and from Boston. Sean plays through all of Lego City Undercover and the new Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3.

News has a huge list of release date, new game and platform announcements that we run through, the list of free EA games that Sim City owners have access to and a new Steam Early Access program.

Top Down Perspective 14/03/13

When we're not discussing vikings we talk about how Tomb Raider is out while Nathan finishes Skyward Sword and tells us about Ridiculous Fishing.

News is short: we bring up more info on the SimCity issues this last week, Ron Gilbert leaving Double Fine and some tension between Xi3 and Valve.

Top Down Perspective 08/03/13

Nathan gets way into Skyward Sword this week and Jon continues to work his way through Fire Emblem. Sean plays through Runner 2 and To the Moon.

In the news section we discuss a significant resignation from Respawn and the major issues surrounding the launch of SimCity.

Top Down Perspective 28/02/13

This week Sean and Jon continue along with Fire Emblem. Jon also talks about Metal Gear Rising and Sean finishes up Assassin's Creed 3 and looks at Pudding Monsters. Nathan starts Skyward Sword and also plays through current iOS hit Year Walk.

As for the news, the Ouya gets some interesting developers on board, more Walking Dead coming from Telltale before season two and Microsoft is have a cool sale right now.

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