Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 25/04/13

Jon and Sean played their way through Injustice: Gods Among Us so they spend a good deal of time talking about that. Nathan has been playing the old Yoshi's Island.

As for news, Nintendo won't be having a major press conference this year at E3, Microsoft announced the date of their next-xbox announcement presentation and Phoenix Wright HD gets delayed again.

Top Down Perspective 20/04/13

This week Nathan finishes up Bioshock Infinite and checks out 2010's Vanquish. Jon plays the new Injustice and gets us talking a whole lot about DC comics. Sean beats Metal Gear Rising and Guacamelee. The main news is that Nintendo had a major Nintendo Direct conference this week and we discuss all the information that came out of that. Team Bondi isn't looking the best, Skyrim is getting no more DLC and The Evil Within gets shown.

Top Down Perspective 12/04/13

It's not the length of the show but it's how you use it? I dunno. The three of us are back and discussing Bioshock Infinite, Guacamelee, Puzzle Agent 2 and something Jon played.

As for news, Batman Arkham Origins is announced, more talk on Durango rumors and another studio shuts down.

Top Down Perspective 05/04/13

This week Sean and Jon get more in depth with Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon as well as Sean's time with Bioshock Infinite. Nathan looks to Telltale and plays some Jurassic Park and Puzzle Agent.

We also discuss LucasArts being closed down and the loss of Star Wars 1313 along with Roger Ebert passing away.

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