Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 30/05/13

Sean has returned from his trip overseas with grand tales of his travels. We discuss some of the games and toys he purchased as well as some upcoming plans. Nathan isn't here this week and Jon discusses Final Fantasy 8 while Sean talks about 999.

News is scarce since E3 is getting close but we talk about the ending of Curiosity, Double Fine's new Kickstarter and the two Humble Bundles currently going on.

Top Down Perspective 23/05/2013

One of our international travelers has returned! Jon is back to talk about the Xbox One (or is it Xone, Xbone or X1?) and a smattering of other news, as well as Witch and Hero, that new-fangled Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Mario's latest Minis escapade on the 3DS. Nathan finally hit the bottom of the Hotline Miami barrel (if Cactus is reading this, level-editor in the sequel, PLEASE make it happen) and is maybe too excited about Super Mario 3D Land. Is it the Majora's Mask of Mario games? Listen to find out! Oh, and some other things happened, Atari died again, someone said Mirror's Edge 2 somewhere and people freaked out, same ol' same ol'.

Top Down Perspective 16/05/13

It's a Ramblin' Rohr! Sean and Jon are jet-setting around the planet, so its just Nathan alone in a basement talking to himself. But hey, that's its own kind of weird fun, right? RIGHT? Anyway, topics this week range from Metro 2033 to the sudden change in policy towards Let's Players Nintendo just unleashed. That topic is way too big for one man, but I rattle off some thoughts, along with another news update or two and a brief appraisal of the latest Star Trek film. Oh, and moving is weird, huh? Some thoughts on that and more (a bit more, I promise its not too long) on this week's Top Down Perspective.

Top Down Perspective 09/05/13

It's the last episode before Jon and Sean take off traveling for a bit. Nathan and Jon have been playing the browser game Candy Box while Sean finishes up DmC and Fire Emblem Awakening, he also discovers Doritos Crash Course 2.

As for the news: EA secures exclusive rights to any future Star Wars games, Penny Arcade puts out a controversial kickstarter, weird happenings with Ubisoft employees and Burnout Paradise is on sale on Steam and Sean now owns every version of that game.

Top Down Perspective 02/05/13

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was this last week and Jon and Nathan discuss their time there. Jon's been playing Double Dragon while Nathan revisits Super Mario Land 2 and Sean plays through Poker Night 2 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

We also discuss the new video game themed Story Bundle, legal trouble for 5th Cell and Call of Duty: Ghost is announced.

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