Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective - 28/06/13

Jon's back from his trip to talk about Disneyland and some game convention before his internet dies on us and leaves. Nathan has been playing a lot of games starting with the letter 'A' and Sean talks about The Last of Us some more.

News is short but we discuss the latest Layton game that appeared on iOS, a couple games getting banned in Australia and some MGS1 remake confusion.

Top Down Perspective 19/06/13

Our schedules didn't work together this week so you're getting two back to back solocasts in this episode. Jon is still away on his vacation so Nathan is up first with what he's been playing. He talks about Animal Crossing New Leaf and last year's XCOM. Sean comes in next to talk about The Last of Us, Thomas Was Alone and, also, Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Top Down Perspective - E3 2013 Edition

This is the longest episode I think we've ever recorded. Clocking in at nearly 3 hours, you get to listen to all our thoughts about E3 2013. We run through the four press conferences and Nintendo Direct that happened on the opening days. Nathan and Jon then go into great detail about the games they played while down in LA.

Top Down Perspective 07/06/13

The three of us are all together and here to share our thoughts on how our Japanese Sega Saturn live stream went. Sean talks about finishing up 999 and playing some Ouendan and Proteus. Nathan talks about a few Mario games and a bunch of NES stuff and Jon brings up a few games from an earlier live stream of his.

News is real packed this week with a few announcements dealing with the Xbox One. We also talk about Konami's pre-E3 show, a re-release of Tales of Symphonia and Respawn Entertainment's new game gets leaked early.

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