Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 25/07/13

The Steam sale is over and we wrap up our experiences with it. Jon continues to play Deadpool and Project X Zone as well as checking out Picross e2. Nathan is playing a ton of games including Tomb Raider, Uncharted 3 and ZombiU. Sean finishes up Trine and plays through Cherry Tree High Comedy Club.

In the news section we discuss how Atlus is being sold off, Microsoft announcing that the Xbox One will be very indie developer friendly and how the 3DS is selling well for Nintendo.

Top Down Perspective - 18/07/13

It's the Summer Steam Sale and we're talking about the games we've bought and the cards we've collected! Jon also brings up Deadpool and the new Streetpass games/update. Nathan goes through a whole bunch including The Witcher 2, Blood Dragon and the new Call of Juarez. Sean revists Trine and tries out Antichamber.

As for the news, we discuss Sony's PLAY line-up of games this summer as well as their weird new trophy-bidding thing and Deadly Premonition is now on Greenlight.

Top Down Perspective - 11/07/13

We start off by expressing our thoughts on Ryan Davis's passing. He meant a lot to us.

Jon has been playing Deadpool, Project X Zone and Epic Mickey on the 3DS. Nathan plays through Alan Wake's The Signal and Gunpoint. Sean reviews The Walking Dead 400 Days and checks out Badland.

As for news we have some odd EVO related decisions from Nintendo, China might start allowing game consoles again and the summer Steam sale has begun.

Top Down Perspective - 04/07/13

This week Jon is talking all about Picross E and Super Luigi U with Sean. Sean also brings up more of The Last of Us and gushes over Game & Wario. Nathan talks The Last Man and Demon Souls.

The news section brings up the recent decision from Microsoft to stop charging for patches, DoubleFine asking for more money for Broken Age and Klei Entertainment announces a new game.
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