Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 28/08/13

It's the week before PAX! Sean talks about his time with Pikmin 3, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and a little Plants vs. Zombies 2. Jon reviews the new Flashback as well as checks out Rayman Legends. Nathan revisits Runner 2 and Mirror's Edge.

In the news section we talk about the just announced Nintendo 2DS, no more Microsoft points and a possible Xbox One release date.

Top Down Perspective 23 - 08 - 13

Sean is away on vacation so Nathan and Jon talk about the games they played for an EXCEEDINGLY long time. New record, its gotta be. So, hear exhaustive breakdowns of the best desert island game around, Miasmata, the critical darling Gone Home, the fourth in a long-running series of quirky RPGs, Mario and Luigi Dream Team, the stylish follow-up to The Dishwasher, Charlie Murder, the perhaps unfortunate remake of Flashback, Brad Shoemaker's favorite game,Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Dave Lang's Divekick, Wayforward's Mighty Switch Force 2 and, finally, 7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat, Nathan's Game of Show from E3 2013. 

After all of that, we still find a bit of time for some news. Steve Ballmer is planning to leave Microsoft about a year from now, right after shutting down Games for Windows Live. Launch lineups for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 have been revealed, so we run down those along with some tid-bits from Sony's conference at Gamescom this past week. We talk about Notch's cancelled sci-fi game, the PS3 exclusive Dark Souls II beta, and an exciting opportunity for indie developers over at

All that and a few dalliances here and there on the Top Down Perspective!

Top Down Perspective 15/08/13

Jon is away being sick this week so Nathan and Sean kick things off by talking about Kick-Ass 2. Sean then shares his thoughts on finishing the first Phoenix Wright as well as starting out with Pikmin 3. Nathan discusses more Papers, Please, Bully and how he can't wait for Gone Home.

News has us talking about more policy changes with the Xbox One, a new slate of Humble Bundles to get REALLY excited about and some GTA5 multiplayer info released.

Top Down Perspective 09/08/13

Sean returns to talk about ibb & obb, Phoenix Wright and Hundreds. Jon talks about his upcoming video reviews and Nathan brings up Red Dead Redemption and Papers, Please!

As for news, there was a new Nintendo Direct last week, Gone Home gets a release date and Saints Row 4 gets the most ridiculous special edition ever.

Top Down Perspective 08/02/13

It's a knee-slapper this week...that'll make sense a minute or two in. Sorry. 

Just Nathan and Jon this week, as they talk open-world games such as Saint's Row the Third and Red Dead Redemption, the final hours of the Cloudberry Kingdom Infinity Cup, The Swapper, The Walking Dead 400 Days and more! 

Then we discuss the recent Phil Fish twitter drama surrounding Fez II, some recent upcoming game announcements and the hottest Pinball and Arcade show in the city of Calgary, Pincade 2013! Enjoy, and happy 11th Anniversary of Signs coming out in theaters. 

NOTE: This episode was originally posted with only Jon's audio. Hopefully that has been fixed. Apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks for listening.
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