Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 26/09/13

Jon is away, stuck in traffic, so Nathan and Sean create the BEST episode ever! Nathan talks more about GTAV and then his evil (better?) twin shows up and tells us how much he's enjoying Sleeping Dogs. Sean explains why The Wonderful 101 is a very odd game and starts playing Wind Waker HD.

Valve has basically taken over the news front this week with two of the three living room announcements already having been made. We also discuss the $10 upgrade program for split-gen games and plans for the Vita TV coming out in Western countries.

Top Down Perspective 19/09/13

GTAV is out this week and we spend a good deal of time talking about Nathan's enjoyment with it. Sean plays some PlayStation All-Stars and The Wonderful 101 while Jon packs up his things and continues with Mario & Luigi Dream Team.

There's a ton of news this week including the death of Hiroshi Yamauchi, a new Nintendo Direct, Atlus being bought by Sega and Criterion Games splitting up.

Top Down Perspective 12/09/13

We're all back for the entire length of this episode. Jon and Sean have been playing Disney Infinity. Sean also plays through Gunpoint and Botanicula while Nathan plays some more Far Cry 2 and Scurvy  Scallywags. Jon also plays some of The Wonderful 101.

News is mainly Sony related with the recent Japanese press conference. We also discuss Steam's family mode and the new Humble Bundle.

Top Down Perspective - PAX Prime 2013 Edition

Jon and Nathan return from Seattle to talk all about this year's PAX Prime. Sean quickly mentions his time with Rayman Legends and The Room Epilogue and we bring up some brief news. After than we jump right into the PAX talk, Sean's internet dies and everyone has a great time!

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