Top Down Perspective

TDP Spoilin’ Games: Pokemon X/Y

We spoil a lot in this but it's Pokemon so there really isn't that much in terms of story anyway.

Sean sits down with Pixel Response's Paul Fleck to talk a bunch about the latest Pokemon games.

TDP Spoilin’ Games: Beyond: Two Souls


Nathan and Sean sit down to talk some deep spoilers about Beyond: Two Souls.

Top Down Perspective 25/10/13

We have all been playing a ton of games this week. Sean continues with Saints Row 4 as well as plays through Gone Home, a lot of Pokemon X, some of Cloudberry Kingdom and The Stanley Parable (along with Nathan and Jon). Nathan has also been playing Device 6, Spelunky and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. Jon is mainly playing a bunch of old games including Lego Batman 2 and Halo 3.

In the news section we talk about how the PS4 is insanely expensive in Brazil, Titanfall's release date and Drive Club being delayed from the PS4 launch.

Top Down Perspective 16/10/13

On this episode Sean talks all about The Wolf Among Us and his short time playing Saints Row 4 while Nathan finishes up Beyond: Two Souls, slows down on GTAV and tries out Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Soundodger. Jon has been streaming a bunch.

News is pretty scarce but we bring up the surprising delay of Watch_Dogs, the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and some more indie games being ported to the PS4.

Top Down Perspective 10/10/13

We announce that part 2 of our Japanese Sega Saturn live stream will be October 12th at 6 PM MT. We hope you can tune in and watch some weird games get played!

Apart from that, we all discuss the newly released Beyond: Two Souls, we also talk a bit more about GTA5 and FTL, Escape Vector and Saints Row 4 get mentioned too.

Top Down Perspective 03/10/13

Jon and Nathan went to this year's Pincade and Jon left with something very interesting! Nathan has been playing some GTAV Online, Sleeping Dogs and L.A. Noire. Sean finishes up Wind Waker HD and starts GTAV and FTL.

Nintendo had a lackluster Nintendo Direct, Steam announces their controller plans and Sega has THE BEST preorder incentive EVER!
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