Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 27/11/13

We have all the new consoles now but we're all crazy into Super Mario 3D World. Sean does also talk about his new Xbox One and some of its cool and not so cool features. Nathan also dives into Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

There was some weird stuff going on with Twitch, the PS4, and the Playroom app so we discuss that. Jon Carmack leaves id Software for real and Swery65 seems to be interested in a Deadly Premonition sequel.

Top Down Perspective 22/11/13

The PS4 and the Xbox One are now out and while Sean waits for his Xbox to show up he and Jon discuss their new Sony consoles. Resogun and Contrast are the PS4 games discussed most. Sean has also been playing a lot of Black Flag and the Battlefield4 campaign. Jon plays through all of Halo 4, Nathan checks out Brothers and Uncharted: Golden Abyss and then the two of them get deep into Super Mario 3D World.

 Sony releases some teaser trailers for the next Uncharted game and the upcoming Last of Us DLC. We also get some info about the Vita TV, the new Phoenix Wright 5 DLC and rumors about Telltale Games' next game.

Top Down Perspective 14/11/13

We're joined by special guest Jon Wheeler on this episode as he tells us about his time with Batman: Arkham Origins, Wii Party U and continues his way through Dream Team. Nathan can't stop playing Spelunky, goes back to Arkham City and plays through all of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Sean finishes up Saints Row 4, The Swapper and jumps into Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

There was a new Nintendo Direct this week so we run through what was mentioned there. We also got a whole bunch of Sony and PS4 related news cause that console is basically out now!

Top Down Perspective 07/11/13

Jon is away this week in the US so Sean and Nathan talk about their preparations for the PS4 coming out next week. Sean finished up Arkham Origins, Wii Party U and tried Typing of the Dead and The Swapper. Nathan dove back into a ton of stuff but also got to try out some PS4 games at the mall.

News involves weird Internet Explorer girls, Jim Sterling leaving Destructoid, Microsoft giving Killer Instinct away to specific people and some more info on Xbox One Fitness

Top Down Perspective 02/11/13

We try out doing a Google Hangout for the main show for the first time. You can see the video archive on our YouTube page!

We talk about Jon's Dead Space stream as well as whatever else we did for Halloween. Sean played more Pokemon as well as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Batman: Arkham Origins. Nathan revisits Animal Crossing New Leaf, The Wolf Among Us and more Spelunky.

There was quite a bit of Sony news this week. A massive PS4 FAQ was put out as well as Walking Dead season 2 and Heavenly Sword movie trailers. The status of People Can Fly and SwapNote is brought up.
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