Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective - GotY 2013 Edition

It's our final episode of 2013 and it's also our Game of the Year special. We run through a number of different categories that we set up this year as well as our own personal Top 10 lists. As an added bonus this time we polled our community and have choices to highlight from you guys!

Top Down Perspective 18/12/13

Announcement! We have set up a Community GotY survey for all of you guys to do. Please check out our various social networks for the link to it. Vote on this year's games so we can do some fun stuff with it on our GotY episode later this month!

Jon is racing to get some 2013 games done and he starts up Saints Row 4 and The Last of Us. Sean plays through Crimson Dragon, Attack of the Friday Monsters and Dropchord and Nathan checks out the Master Quest in A Link Between Worlds as well as the new, crazy Just Cause 2 multiplayer.

News is starting to dry up now but we get a surprising interesting Nintendo Direct this week as well as PAX making another really controversial decision. 

Top Down Perspective 13/12/13

We're slowly getting ready for the end of the year as we begin to look back and play the games we missed. Sean plays Mario Party Island Tour, Kentucky Route Zero and Sonic and Sega All-Stars Transformed. Jon plays some of the new Zelda and Payday 2. Nathan finishes A Link Between Worlds and Saints Row 4 and still can't get away from Scurvy Scallywags.

The VGXs happened this week so we spend a good deal talking about how awkward that was. A couple release dates get announced and Youtube is changing some of their rules for live streaming.

Top Down Perspective 06/12/13

We finally made it to the big 191 everybody! Sean and Nathan continue with A Link Between Worlds. Sean also tries out Xbox Fitness for the first time. Nathan gets really into State of Decay and Jon starts up the new Adventuretime game that has a name that is too long for me to go look up.

News sees the death of some very important people this week. We also discuss the first batch of developers in the ID@Xbox program, the nominees for the VGXs and Nintendo new nightmare peripheral.
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