Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 23/01/14

We're joined by a special guest this week: Vernon Shaw - the creator of Hot Pepper Gaming. He tells us about his time with Borderlands 2 and grinding on hamburger patties. Sean has been addicted to Risk of Rain all week. Nathan is playing a whole bunch of stuff in search of his next obsession and Jon is warming up to Pokemon Y.

News sees Nintendo and not doing so well sales-wise and the "Nintendo Force" magazine is already looking to Kickstarter for help. Canadian retailers raise the price of video games while Steam introduces more currencies into its marketplace. Finally, Sony is having a pretty great sale on a range of titles from recent years. 

Top Down Perspective 15/01/14

This week Jon takes the plunge into Pokemon Y, he also shows Sean and Nathan how to play Payday 2. Nathan gets real interested with Tomb Raider and 999 while Sean plays To The Moon and Nidhogg.

For news we discuss the new update for Sim City, The Wolf Among Us gets a tentative release window and Michael Myers will be in CoD Ghosts.

Top Down Perspective 09/01/14

Jon returns from his trip to MAGfest as well as a new addition to his family! Congrats to them. Sean enters the US and is now an ambassador. Nathan sits at home playing Cook, Serve, Delicious!

We discuss the new Humble Bundle, PlayStation Now and the final chapter for Silicon Knights.

Top Down Perspective 01/01/14

It's a new year and Jon is on his way to MAGFest while Sean and Nathan hold down the podcast fort. Nathan is way into Cook, Serve, Delicious as well as iOS game Paint it Back. Sean continues to play NFS Rivals, starts working through Papers, Please and plays the new Walking Dead episode.

News is pretty barren due to the time of the year. The Nintendo eShop was down this holiday which also caused a delayed release for Pokemon Bank and Deadpool has vanished from all digital download services for some unknown reason.
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