Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 20/02/14

Sean returns with tales of the time travel lab he failed to escape from. He also checked out the Titanfall Beta this week and continues to work through Bravely Default with Jon too. Nathan is getting a little down on VLR and is still way into Threes (who isn't?).

The big event for everyone is Twitch Plays Pokemon, let's be honest - it's really great. However we have to talk about more so we discuss the end of Irrational Games, Humble Bundle 11 and Nintendo Girls Club.

Top Down Perspective 13/02/14

We have reached our 200th episode! Congrats everyone!

Sean and Jon get way deep into Bravely Default. Nathan starts up VLR, continues with some Flappy Bird and is very much enjoying Threes (so is Sean).

News has us discussing the hot topic of Flappy Bird, Nintendo's latest, and real good, Nintendo Direct, and Steam announces "tags".

Top Down Perspective 06/02/14

It's a new week and games are really starting to roll now. Sean has started up Bravely Default (to Jon's jealousy), finished The Room 2 and played through episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us (as well as Nathan). Nathan also finishes 999 and jumps right into VLR and is real deep into OlliOlli and Lumines. Jon revisits Earthbound Zero and continues with Pokemon Y.

Nintendo comments on their recent announcement, Flappy Bird is a weird thing, music is coming to Steam and Watch Dogs loses its trademark momentarily.

Top Down Perspective 30/01/14

Sean starts us off with a depressing story from SF. He's also been playing a lot of Risk of Rain with Nathan and starting up Broken Age and The Room Two. Nathan finished Broken Age and is continuing through 999 and Darksiders while Jon is slowly playing more Pokemon Y and revisiting a bunch of old stuff.

We got a bunch of news from all corners of the console market. Nintendo announces some of it's new ideas. Microsoft buys Gears of War from Epic. Sony announces a Sly Cooper movie.
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