Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 27/04/14

There's a bit of a lull nowadays so we start working out way through the backlog. Sean is continuing with Hearthstone and finally finishes Broken Age. Jon played Gears of War for some reason but was also smart, and cool, enough to play Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. Nathan is getting real annoyed with Mortal Kombat.

All those Atari E.T. cartridges were dug up over the weekend and that's weird. We also talk about the next chapter in the weird Bob's Game saga and our audience gets way too crazy about Major's Mask rumors.

Top Down Perspective 21/04/14

Nathan returns to us to talk about finishing up Chrono Trigger. Jon has been trying out Pokemon Battle Trozei and returns to Crosswords Plus while Sean finishes up with Yoshi's New Island and gets into Hearthstone on the iPad.

There really isn't much news; a couple leaks. We take a lot of questions!

Top Down Perspective - PAX East 2014 Edition

Jon returns from his incredible weekend at PAX East. We discuss the plane trip, air port mayhem and, of course, what he did at the show. Sean brings up his final moments with Tropical Freeze, The Wolf Among Us 3, Rusty's Real Deal Baseball and more InFamous Second Son.

Obviously we talk about the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct last week, we also mention a bunch of release dates that PAX East brought forth.

Top Down Perspective 03/04/14

Nathan can't join us this week unfortunately. We start off by discussing PAX East and Jon's upcoming trip there. He finishes up Yoshi's New Island and gives Minecraft a good try. Sean wraps up The Azran Legacy, continues with Tropical Freeze and starts InFamous Second Son.

As for news, Amazon announces and releases the Fire TV and Amy Hennig now works for EA again.
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