Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 30/10/14

Sean is busy this week but the show doesn't stop. Paul is playing around with Arma 3 and a lot of The Evil Within. Jon continues with Hyrule Warriors and Smash 3DS.

I put a lot of news in the doc but I haven't listened to the full episode yet so I don't know what exactly they talked about from there. There is a news section though.

Top Down Perspective 23/10/14

Back from Portland, Jon tells us about checking out Killer Queen and yet another convention. Sean finished Hyrule Warriors and tries out Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel along with Paul. Paul is continuing with Alien: Isolation.

Hearthstone is making its way to Android and phone platforms and Nintendo releases a huge Smash Bros WiiU Direct.

Top Down Perspective 16/10/14

Jon is back from his second trip before heading off to number three. He's been playing the new Hyrule Warriors DLC and more 3DS Smash. Sean finishes up Hitman Go, Layton/Wright, Forza Horizon 2 and starts up Hyrule Warriors. Paul tries out Alien: Isolation, A City Sleeps and The Evil Within.

There's a big free weekend on Steam happening, Nintendo will now let you download and purchase games from their website and the PS TV is out and PS Now starts the beta for it and the Vita.

TDP Diet! - 09/10/14

Sometimes just not a lot is happening. Unless you're Jon in which you take random weekend trips to Jamaica and then come back and leave for Halifax and then come back and leave for Portland. Sean and Paul haven't been playing much new. Jon played some Smash 3DS.

Top Down Perspective 2/10/14

We have a special guest join us this week and he's here to talk about Spirit Tracks, Sonic 2, purchasing Deadly Creatures and the book Console Wars. Jon and Paul have been playing Hyrule Warriors. Paul is also checking out The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Fenix Rage. Sean continues with Layton/Wright, finishes D4 and starts up Smash for 3DS.

News is short, we talk about what the future of Wipeout is looking like and the list of freebies that PS+ and Games with Gold are.
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