Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 27/11/14

It's Turkey Day for a minority of this podcast, not really - he didn't have any turkey. Paul has been playing Far Cry 4, This War of Mine and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Jon goes back to Picross DS, starts up Smash WiiU and checks out The Master Chief Collection. Sean finishes Bayonetta 2, starts working through Pokemon and is excited about Geometry Wars 3.

Top Down Perspective 20/11/14

Paul continues with the new Binding of Isaac and Jon joins in and plays through all of Picross e5. Sean and Paul both play through A Bird Story. Then Sean plays some Luftrausers, Sunset Overdrive, Smash WiiU and Bayonetta. 

There isn't much news, G4 is officially gone. 

Top Down Perspective 13/11/14

Sean is away this week again, so in his memory Paul plays a lot of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare while Jon parties it up playing Fibbage and Smash Bros on 3DS.

In the news, Geoff Keighley hosts another video game award show, Amiibos from anywhere in the world will work on your console and BlizzCon announces a whack of updates for upcoming Blizzard products!


Geoff Keighley has a new video game award show

Just Cause 3 announced

LEGO Jurassic Park might be a thing

BlizzCon News:

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Announced!

Goblins vs Gnomes™—Explosive New Cards to Debut This December


StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Announced!

Overwatch™ Unveiled at BlizzCon

Geometry Wars 3 out Nov 25:

Amiibos are not region locked:

See through 2DSs are coming state-side

Another silly Nintendo peripheral:

Top Down Perspective 05/11/14

Sean rejoins this week to talk about Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive and Disney Fantasia. Jon played through all of Okami and Paul checked out Evolve's Big Alpha.

This was a new Nintendo Direct this week and we break down what's interesting (and dumb) from that. We also talk about shaving gel and sweet upcoming Mii apps.
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