Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 19/02/15

Sean is away this week so Paul and Jon do the only logical thing: take a whole lot of listener questions!

Remember: if you don't like this episode... it's kind of your fault!

Top Down Perspective 12/02/15

With Valentine's Day coming up, Jon gets in the mood by playing Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans and... Cliffhanger? Sean catches up with the newest episode of Game of Thrones TellTale game, Evolve on the Xbox One and Framed on the iOS while Paul plays Heroes of the Storm.

Not much in the way of news other than Zelda might be coming to Netflix? Also, a whole bunch of questions!

Top Down Perspective 05/02/15

Paul tries out Dark Deception, Castle in Darkness and Life is Strange (along with Sean). Jon is just continuing with his everlasting quest to play every Picross puzzle ever.

Club Nintendo releases their final rewards, variant color Amiibos are on their way and Sony no longer own Sony Online Entertainment.
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