Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 27/05/15

Sean played and finished a lot of games this week, including VLR, Splatoon, Game of Thrones episode 4, and Life is Strange episode 3. Paul played the last one as well and tried out Elite: Dangerous.

As for news we bring up a possible Need for Speed release date, the first Nintendo Humble Bundle, and stolen Amiibos.

Top Down Perspective 21/05/15

Jon is away at MomoCon and Sean just continues to work through VLR. Paul plays a good chunk of Axiom Verge and tries out Dungeons and Dragons.

The next Need for Speed game gets announced, a weird pack in deal with Splatoon is mentioned and we discuss the removal of the 8GB WiiU as an option in Japan.

Top Down Perspective 14/05/15

A break in his apartment's water pipe makes Jon too busy this week. Sean however is here and continues to talk about VLR, he also checks out the latest update to Mario Kart 8 and plays some Pushmo World. Paul is trying out Axiom Verge.

Nintendo announces a lot of their E3 plans, as well as their plans for smart phone games. Gears of War Remastered is leaked to some interesting outcomes. We also discuss the Ratchet and Clank reboot and the Bloodstained kickstarter.

Top Down Perspective 07/05/15

Neither of us are playing too much right now, Paul isn't even here. Jon finishes Mortal Kombat X and Sean plays some Race the Sun and Monster Bag. 

We discuss the official announcements of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, the next Assassin's Creed, and Disney Infinity 3.0. We also bring up the PAX Prime ticket sales and the preorder situation for Rock Band 4.

Top Down Perspective 01/05/15

Late recording this week as the crew spent Thursday night seeing The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Due to this, the first while is talk about that (no spoilers... promise!) but we get right into the game talk afterwards as Sean dances around in Crypt of the Necrodancer, rounds up llamas while skiing in Alto's Adventure and doesn't have much fun with Never Alone. Paul dives into the new Hero Siege DLC, bends some elements in Platinum's Legend of Korra game and gets down and dirty in the Dirty Bomb beta. Jon... well... Jon watched some hockey and streetpassed himself all week!

In news, Konami implodes, Steam introduces paid mods and allows game developers to ban cheaters from their games, Yooka-Laylee by old Rare personnel destroys its Kickstarter goal and D4 is finally coming to PC!
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