Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 30/07/15

We're all together again as the schedules sync up and Jon returns from his double convention trip. We discuss the Screw Attack game convention and ConBravo. Paul and Sean really enjoy Life is Strange episode 4 as well as Rocket League. Jon has been playing a lot of Shantae.

For news we talk about August's Games with Gold and PS+, the WiiU's TVii feature shutting down, and Razer buying the Ouya.

Top Down Perspective 25/07/15

Things come up this week and Sean and Paul do their solo thing again! Paul has been playing Guild of Dungeoneering, a whole lot of Terraria and is hating on the Binding of Isaac Rebirth Nintendo 3DS port. Sean has gotten huge into Rocket League, enjoys his time with Where Is My Heart? and Tembo the Badass Elephant.

Not a lot of news; Hearthstone expansion was announced, the ESL has started drug-testing eSport contenders and Life is Strange is out next week!

Top Down Perspective 17/07/15

With Jon away, Paul at work and Sean busy this week, we take unconventional methods to make sure we get you the utmost quality podcast out that you're used to by having Sean and Paul record their parts separately and mashing them together like potatoes! 

Paul plays more Rocket League and gets down with Odallus: The Dark Call while Sean finishes Batman: Arkham Knight, plays around with Monument Valley: Ida's Memory and jumps into Rocket League himself!

Tragic news hits the world on Iwata's death this week and we couldn't be sadder about the news. 

Top Down Perspective 09/07/15

This week we're talking about a lot of mini-golf. Everyone discusses more Batman. Jon is also playing Sonic Dash and FF Record Keeper. Paul is very excited about Rocket League and checks back in with Terraria. Sean tries out Alphabear and Entwined.

We discuss the reveal of an old Nintendo PlayStation, Zero Escape 3 being announced, and go through the E3 2015 Critic Awards. 

Top Down Perspective 01/07/15

Happy Canada Day! This week we're all playing Batman and enjoying it quite a bit. Jon also write about Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Sonic Dash. Paul plays through Her Story. Sean continues with Minish Cap and episode three of Tales from the Borderlands.

We discuss July's Games with Gold and PS+ games, Club Nintendo finally being finished, and some rumors about Nintendo.
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