Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 24/09/15

Not a whole lot happening this week besides Jon moving. Because of it, he's only been playing Mario Maker, Paul has only played some Secret Ponchos and Sean has been wrapping up Grow Home and enjoying Ace Attorney 2 on the iOS.

Not a lot of news besides Life is Strange coming Oct. 20 and you can hack your PSTV by sending an email to your vita?

Top Down Perspective 17/09/15

Cats are the reason Paul isn't here....Jon has been playing Grand Theft Auto V and Apollo Justice. He also discusses Super Mario Maker with Sean, alone with Grow Home and Ancient Legacy.

News is mainly TGS talk, we also bring up Nintendo's new president, and Star Fox getting delayed.

Top Down Perspective 10/09/15

Allan Shumacher from Bioware joins us these week as Jon takes a break to recover from dental surgery. He's been playing Shadowrun Hong Kong and Invisible Inc. Sean talks about Super Mario Maker, Forza 6, and The Deer God. Paul continues with MGSV and Mad Max.

For news we talk about Pikmin 4 being announced, Shovel Knight's expansion, and Pokemon Go!

Top Down Perspective 03/09/15

Note: There was a microphone issue with the very start of the episode so the first 3 minutes are cut off. Don't worry, you missed literally nothing.

With Jon back from PAX, Sean being busy and Paul always being available, we chat a bit about what the PAX 2015 experience was like this year. While there, Jon played Tumblestone and got some hands-on with Mirror's Edge: Catalyst while Paul sits at home with Deadly Creatures, Mad Max and the long awaited Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

In news, MKX cancelled for last generation systems, the small New 3DS is coming to North America and the Vita gets a new color scheme. All this and more in this EXCITING new episode!

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