Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 16/12/15

With the holiday rush starting to happen, we had to record a day early and a man short. Luckily, Paul's co-host over at Burning Barrel was ready to fill in for some video game talk! And boy, has he played a bunch of stuff. Paul has been playing Just Cause 3 while Jon has only been playing Pokemon Picross.

From all of us at TDP, have a happy and safe holiday season! Remember to take some time off the screen and spend it with those you care about.

Top Down Perspective 10/12/15

NOTE: Apologies for the audio quality this week. We had a few technical issues and this was the best we could get it. Sorry and we love you.

Not a whole lot happening on the game front this week. Paul makes it home while Jon goes for a weekend trip to Seattle and gets stuck on crappy roads. All three hosts played Pokemon Picross and Sean keeps on with Just Cause 3.

In news, the PlayStation Experience happens and announces a bunch of stuff.

Top Down Perspective 3/12/15

Paul joins us from a crappy iPad in a Chicago hotel to tell us that he isn't playing anything. Jon dives into a few Phoenix Wright games and the new Pokemon Picross. Sean is playing Destiny, Witcher 3, and Just Cause 3.

We discuss everything going on during The Game Awards as it happens while we record.
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