Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 26/08/16

Despite moving interferences we have assembled to podcast. Sean continues with the usual. Paul is busy carrying boxes. Jon enjoyed Where's Waldo.

This week's news is all about the PS4 slim that was spotted, PS+ going up in price, and No Man's Sky losing 90% of its players.

Top Down Perspective 18/08/16

This week, Jon takes on the Battletoads and has fun with a whole lotta Knuckles, Sean doesn't love the Telltale Batman game and he and Paul chat for awhile on Reigns and Uno.

Oh, also No Man's Sky came out or something. 

Top Down Perspective 12/08/16

This week Sean is really enjoying Reigns. Jon continues with Gotta Protectors and Overwatch. Unfortunately neither of us played No Man's Sky this week and we apologize for that.

For news we talk about Deus Ex Go's release date, Rocket League's next crazy update, and the THQ brand making a return.

Top Down Perspective 05/08/16

Back from Con Bravo we listen to Jon tell some stories. He's been playing Pokemon Go, Gotta Protectors, and Overwatch (finally). Sean finishes up Mirror's Edge Catalyst, continues with Zero Time Dilemma, and complains about Pokemon Go.

For news we discuss some of the Overwatch summer games stuff, Inside coming to PS4, and another dumb Pokemon bracelet on its way.

Top Down Perspective 29/07/16

Jon is away at ConBravo this week. Paul is only playing Starbound. Sean continues with Pokemon Go, finishes Box Box Boy, and starts Zero Time Dilemma.

For news we discuss the recent NX information dump, Hearthstone's next expansion, and Lady Layton getting announced.
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