Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 24/11/16

It's Thanksgiving! Sean is enjoying some family time with the girlfriend while Jon is out doing the same across the country (and unable to make it). Paul, being the Canadian he is, had no Thanksgiving but instead played a bunch of Resident Evil (3 specifically) and Rainbow Six Siege while Sean has been enjoying the heck out of Pokemon Sun while trying some new Overwatch content out.

Also, we have a Discord server! Join here: 

Top Down Perspective 17/11/16

The convicts are running the prison this week. With Sean gone, Paul and Jon ruin everything but manage to talk about Mario Kart and answer a batch of questions to hopefully entertain you. Things will be back to normal soon. Promize <3

Top Down Perspective 10/11/16

After the momentous day this week (that is Jon's birthday) we find ourselves having to swap in a third chair. Nathan joins us to discuss all the latest and greatest. Paul and Sean are continuing to love Titanfall 2. Sean is also playing a few iOS dungeon crawlers.

News is us discussing the WiiU's production being brought to a close and the next Xbox One update.

Top Down Perspective 06/11/16

Titanfall 2 is out and Sean is really into it. Jon is playing the latest Mario Party mess while Paul readies himself for a massive Resident Evil quest.

News consists of a lot of Blizzcon announcements, we also discuss Pokemon Go updates, the PS4 Pro compatible games at launch, and the next Tomb Raider's name.
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