Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 26/01/17

I bet you can't wait to hear Paul's thoughts on Resident Evil 7! Jon is playing some shitty games for a tournament, along with Super Hexagon. Sean dislikes Pokemon Duel, and he checks out the latest Overwatch event.

For news we discuss February's Games with Gold, Crystal Dynamics announcing an Avengers game, and Ni No Kuni 2 coming to PC as well as day and date with Japan.

Top Down Perspective 19/01/17

This week Paul doesn't play anything and bides his time for Resident Evil 7, however Jon brings the thunder with a whole bunch of games including Wild Guns Reloaded, FFXV and Power Rangers: Mega Battle. Sean has been playing some Rock Band 4 pro-drums and is starting Ace Attorney 5. 

In news, more Nintendo Switch stuff, Fire Emblem is taking over the world and Swery65 starts his own studio.

**Apologies for the sound quality weirdness in some parts this week. My recording went weird and had to pull it from the stream. You can blame me, it's my fault. -Paul**

Top Down Perspective 12/01/17

It's Nintendo Switch week here on the podcast. We just finished watching the reveal event and basically talk about it for the entire show. Sean even preorders it during the episode.

We also discuss Scalebound being cancelled, aliens being found in Elite Dangerous, Dandy Quest, Furi, The Last Guardian, and Amy.

Top Down Perspective 05/01/2017

This week the boys are playing Hidden my Game by Mom 2. Paul checks out Afterbirth+ and Sean gets really into Mini Metro.

For news we discuss th GDC Award nominees, the winners of the Steam awards, and Frog Fractions 2 being released.

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