Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 23/03/17

It's still Zelda fever over in these parts. All three of us are playing it a ton. Jon also finished Sunset Riders and VVVVVV. Paul is enjoying Solitairica. He and Sean have been playing a bit of Mass Effect Andromeda.

In news we discuss the April Games with Gold, Bloodstained no longer coming to WiiU, and Super Mario Run arriving on Android.

Top Down Perspective 16/03/17

PAX East was this last weekend and Jon returns with tales of the convention. He played Splodey and Iconoclasts. Sean starts up Oxenfree and Disc Jam. They both have been playing a lot of their Switchs and Zelda.

News this week is the announcement of Dropmix, PS4 games coming to PS Now, and Drawn to Death's release date and price.

Top Down Perspective 09/03/17

Jon is away at PAX East but that's cool because we have a lot of games to discuss. Paul continues with Fire Emblem Awakening and Horizon. Sean plays through Solitairica and his new Nintendo Switch. They both are paying Breath of the Wild.

News is short, the next Box Boy is announced and Rime has some weird pricing issues.

Top Down Perspective 02/03/17

It's Nintendo Switcheve and we're all getting excited for it. Paul is playing Hollow Knight and Horizon Zero Dawn. Jon is playing Rivercity Ransome Underground. Sean went to GDC and played a bunch of unreleased stuff.

News is some more information about the Switch, the March PS+ games, and the GDC awards.

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