Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 21/04/17

This week Sean emerges from being super sick while also playing Drawn to Death, starting Horizon Zero Dawn, and getting a Game Boy Micro. Jon continues with Persona 5. Paul is playing through the Disney Afternoon Collection.

For news we have May's Games with Gold, the SNES mini being rumored, and StarCraft being updated and sold for free.

Top Down Perspective 13/04/17

This week Jon is diving heavily into Persona 5 while Sean continues with Yooka-Laylee and checks out the new Overwatch event. 

For news we discuss the recent Nintendo Direct, the NES Classic being discontinued, and Microsoft beginning Steam-style digital refunds.

Top Down Perspective 07/04/17

This week Sean is playing through Yooka-Laylee and Kami 2. Jon continues with Super Bomberman R and River City Ransom Underground. Paul is trying to enjoy Andromeda.

For news we discuss the Mass Effect patch that released, new infomation on Project Scorpio, and THQ's PlayStation Humble Bundle.

Top Down Perspective 31/03/17

It's a short, two man show this week and we are chatting about Ticket to Earth and something Paul played.

News is scarce involving April's PS+ games, Mad Catz filing for bankruptcy, and StarCraft Remastered being announced.

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