Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 21/07/17

Happy Splatoon 2 Day everyone! No one has really played it yet (Sean has like 10 minutes). Sean is also playing the new mobile Layton game. Jon The Firemen and a Link to the Past randomizer. Paul is playing Get Even and Salt and Sanctuary.

For news we discuss the new Nintendo Switch app, exclusive blue tire smoke, and the Ataribox images.

Top Down Perspective 14/07/17

We start this with sharing our feelings about the new Netflix Castlevania show. Jon then talks about some Dead Rising 4 DLC while Sean brings up Death Squared. 

News is short but includes production ending on the small N3DS in Japan and Nintendo filing a trademark for Check In.

Top Down Perspective 07/07/17

We return with tales of Jon being at Otafest and the six panels he was a part of. Paul didn't do anything but enjoy his birthday. Sean has been playing Snake Pass, Monument Valley 2, Hidden Folks, and Wolfenstein the New Order.

For news, we discuss a possible new Apollo Justice, the SNES Classic being announced, and more Hearthstone DLC.

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