Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 26/08/17

Sean is away this week so Paul talks with Jon about the finer points of conventions, Mario Kart and a horror game called Observer.

In the news: the SNES Classic was released! Secret of Mana is getting a remake? Also, a follow up to Reigns delights Paul to no end!

Top Down Perspective 19/08/17

Jon is mysteriously away so Paul and Sean get together on a Saturday. Paul has been playing Hellblade and Sundered. Sean continues Pyre, finishes up with Graceful Explosion Machine, and plays through My Brother Ate My Pudding.

In the news section we talk about Valve announcing Artifact, changes to Amazon's new game discount, and Swery announcing The Good Life.

Top Down Perspective 04/08/17

Jon returns from ConBravo with stories to tell. He played some Splatoon while airborn. Sean has also been playing Squid vs. Kid, and Pyre.

For the news we discuss Pokemon GO fest, what's been happening with the NES and SNES Classics, and Gamebox 2.0!

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