Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 29/04/18

This week we talk a little bit about the Calgary Comic Expo and Avengers Infinity War. Sean has been playing Subsurface Circular and God of War (Paul too). Jon is playing a bunch of light gun games and Quarterback Attack.

For news we discuss all the free games you can download in May, a Sega Game Gear title showing up in the NPD numbers, and Puzzle Fighter Mobile getting discontinued.

Top Down Perspective 19/04/18

From the east Paul returns with tales of his journey. Sean has been playing the AC Origins DLC, Sky, and his new PSVR. Jon is completing more games this year.

For news we talk about every game getting a battle royale mode, Platinum Game and Konami announcing mobile games, and the Sega Genesis Mini.

Top Down Perspective 12/04/18

With Paul away in Japan we still manage a show because Jon is back with stories from PAX East 2018. He's been playing too many games to list but we're all proud of him for playing actual unreleased stuff. Sean starts up Thimbleweed Park and Far Cry 5.

For news we talk about the latest OG Xbox games coming to the Xbox One's backwards compatilibily, Wild Lands getting another special mission, and Steam Spy being shut down.

Top Down Perspective 30/03/18

This week Paul and Sean wrap up their time with Sea of Thieves. They're also both playing A Way Out. Paul is frustrated with Far Cry 5. Jon is playing some Dragon Ball and saying goodbye to the WiiWare shop.

For news we talk about the PSVR getting a price drop, Call of Juarez being delisted, and Pokemon Go getting quests.

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