Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 25/05/18

A bunch of stuff happened with Jon while he was away and we kind of talk/guess about it. Sean finishes God of War. Paul plays Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, and Wizard of Legend. They're both playing State of Decay 2.

In news we talk about The Wolf Among Us season 2 being delayed, Apple rejecting the iOS Steam Link app, and Resident Evil 7 for the Switch.

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TDP Spoilin’ Games: God of War (2018)



With the Gods of Olympus gone, Kratos goes to be a family man in Midgard. How does it work out for him? Well, it's a long story... 

God of War is getting a lot of talk around the gaming industry recently, but is it for good reason? What do we think of it? Well, Paul and Sean go in-depth to give you the lowdown on the new Deity Murder Simulator.

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Top Down Perspective 18/05/18

The boys are wrapping up God of War this week. Sean also plays a bit of Bridge Constructor Portal and finishes with The Swords of Ditto.

For news we talk about the NES Classic coming back, To the Moon getting an animated movie, and a bunch of sexy Steam games being taken down.

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Top Down Perspective 11/05/18

After a long charity stream Jon has returned to talk about that. In his off time he has been playing A Robot Named Fight. Sean jumps into Dandara and plays more The Swords of Ditto. Paul is continuing to play God of War.

The news brings up word about a bunch of upcoming games from E3 courtesy of Walmart, a Steam Link app coming to phones, and Nintendo detailing their fall online service.

Top Down Perspective 04/05/18

Jon is doing his charity stream this week so it's just the other two for this episode. They've both mainly been playing God of War. Sean starts up Gorogoa.

For news we talk about the Rock Band Network returning in some form and the Atari VCS.

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