Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 24/08/18

Kingdom Hearts, maybe you've heard of it. Jon is still working his way through that thing. He and Paul also continue with Death's Gambit. Sean tries out Campfire Cooking and Flipping Death.

News brings about a ton of release date reveals, Amazon totally ruining it's game discount program, and Saints Row the Third coming to Switch for some reason.

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Top Down Perspective 17/08/18

We are back talking some more about Dead Cells, Sean is also trying out Graveyard Keeper and finishes The Division. Paul and Jon get deep into Death's Gambit and also discuss more Kingdom Hearts.

For news we chat about Diablo 3 on Switch becoming a real thing, the Spyro Trilogy getting delayed a couple of months, and some more information on The Quiet Man.

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Top Down Perspective 10/08/18

We start things off by discussing last weekend's EVO finals (mostly DBFZ). Paul is checking out the 1.0 launch of We Happy Few as well as getting real into Monster Hunter World's PC port. Sean finishes up Overcooked 2 and checks out Ruiner and the newly updated Dead Cells. Jon continues with Kingdom Hearts and Picross S2.

In news we chat about new Hearthstone updates, QuakeCon 2019, Nintendo's Smash Direct, and Discord launching a storefront.

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Top Down Perspective 03/08/18

We start things off with Jon's return from ConBravo, he's been playing Kingdom Hearts, the Megaman X Legacy Collection, and Chasm while away. Paul is also playing through Chasm as well as Flat Heroes. Sean finishes Mario Tennis Aces and Florence, and starts up Overcooked 2.

For news we talk Labo Cardboard Spray, Apple removing it's affliate link program, and release dates for Donut County and Castlevania season 2.

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